Finland Weather and Climate

Geographical location

According to COUNTRYAAH, the Republic of Finland is located in the north of Europe. Around 5.4 million people live in an area of ??around 338,000 square kilometers. Thus the population density is just 16 inhabitants per square kilometer.

The Scandinavian country borders on Russia, Norway, Sweden and the Baltic Sea is a natural border. The capital of Finland is Helsinki. 92 percent of the population speak Finnish, 6 percent speak Swedish. Both are official languages.

Helsinki can be reached in around 2 hours and 30 minutes by plane from Frankfurt.

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Climate in Finland

There are several climatic zones in Finland. In the west and southwest you have a maritime climate, in the northern and eastern areas it is more of a continental climate. The capital Helsinki is located in southern Finland. Maximum temperatures of 20 ° C can be reached here. In winter, the temperatures here drop to minus 7 degrees in January and February.

In the interior, however, the continental climate can be felt. Maximum temperatures of up to 30 degrees can be reached here in summer. The coastal areas have lower temperatures. In the polar region, the sun does not set for 10 days in summer, temperatures of more than 25 ° C are to be expected here. The winter months in Finland are very cold.

In the south the sea freezes over and the whole country remains snow-covered in winter. Frosty temperatures of -15 ° C are not uncommon.

When to go to Finland

The dreamy Finnish summer casts a spell over travelers year after year. Short nights create a lot of light and time to explore the breathtaking nature. The summer months from June to August are the best time to visit Finland. During this time, the famous polar days when the sun does not set also occur.

The winters also attract more and more tourists, from December to April. Many people travel to Finland to experience the world famous northern lights and the polar winter. The northern area of ??Lapland in particular attracts many travelers. The capital Helsinki can be visited all year round. However, if you want to explore the city in good weather and want to do without a winter jacket, you should trust the best travel time.

Optimal travel time for the regions

In the following overview you can see the best travel time depending on the region (Finland).

Place Best travel time
Helsinki June, July and August
Lappeenranta June, July and August
Oulu June, July and August

Temperatures, precipitation in Helsinki (Finland)

Jan Feb March Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daytime temperature -1 ° C -2 ° C 2 ° C 8 ° C 14 ° C 19 ° C 22 ° C 20 ° C 15 ° C 9 ° C 4 ° C 1 ° C
Night temperature -7 ° C -7 ° C -4 ° C 1 ° C 6 ° C 11 ° C 14 ° C 13 ° C 9 ° C 4 ° C -1 ° C -5 ° C
Water temperature 2 ° C 1 ° C 1 ° C 2 ° C 5 ° C 9 ° C 15 ° C 17 ° C 14 ° C 10 ° C 7 ° C 3 ° C
Precipitation in mm 52 36 38 32 37 57 63 80 56 76 70 58
Rainy days 19 17 15 11 11 14 12 15 14 16 18 20
Sunrise 9:05 8:00 6:40 6:05 4:40 3:55 4:20 5:30 6:45 8:00 8:20 9:15
Sunset 15:50 17:10 18:20 20:35 21:50 22:45 22:30 21:20 19:45 18:10 15:50 15:15


The annual average temperature in Helsinki is 6 ° C. For comparison: Munich reaches an average of 8.6 ° C, in Berlin it is 9.6 ° C. The warmest month is July (17.9 ° C), coldest month of February with mean values of -4.7 ° C. The maximum water temperature in Helsinki is 17 ° C. Pleasant bathing is possible from temperatures of around 21 ° C. August has a water temperature of at least 17 ° C. Bathing is then possible to a limited extent.


The annual precipitation is 655 mm on 182 days with precipitation. For comparison: In Munich, 967 mm, in Berlin 570 mm, precipitation is measured annually. There is no rainy season, i.e. months with more than 175 mm of precipitation. In the months of January, February, March, April, October, November and December snowfall is possible.

Cities nearby

The following major towns are nearby and have a similar climate: Espoo and Vantaa.


Finland Weather and Climate
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